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Poems About
Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

Global Warming Isn't Cool

A challenge, facing all our world,
    Is in our hands today.
Climatic changes are the signs -
    Already underway. 

Our planet’s heating up at speed.
    This problem must be faced 
And much that’s at the root of this
     Is caused by human waste.

Greenhouse gases, caused by waste,
    Are sent up through the air.
It’s not just things that we chuck out
   But vehicles – please beware!!

Our seas and rivers, full of pain, 
     Cry out, in deep despair.
The creatures living in their world
     Are dying.  Is this fair?

Young people – you’ll be suffering
     In years that lie ahead,
So, when you buy the things you use,
     Remember what I’ve said. 


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