Flower Arrangement 3


Spring Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Flower Arrangement 3
Applegarth apple tree.jpg
Our apple tree in spring


By Josie Whitehead

Glory Be for Springtime

Glory be to God for Springtime;
For skies that oust grey winter cloud;
For daffodils that flood the earth with gold;
For the return of sweet perfumed blossom.

For lengthening days and strengthening sun;
For enkindling warmth upon winter-tired skin.
For the sweet sounding birdsong from treetops;
And extravagance of colour in gardens and fields.

For heady perfumed bluebells in woodland glades;
Spring lambs frolicking in sweet meadows.
For the cuckoo announcing her intentions;
Gentle warming breezes, and refreshing rain.

For the sweet smell of new mown grass;
For the taste of spring fruits and vegetables;
For Eastertide and all that speaks of resurrection,
New life in our world, and hope for the future.


                                                 Glory be for Springtime 


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