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Flower Arrangement 3


Spring Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Flower Arrangement 3
Applegarth apple tree.jpg
Our apple tree in spring


By Josie Whitehead

Glory Be for Springtime

Glory be to God for Springtime;
For skies that oust grey winter cloud;
For daffodils that flood the earth with gold;
For the return of sweet perfumed blossom.

For lengthening days and strengthening sun;
For *enkindling warmth upon winter-tired skin.
For the sweet sounding birdsong from treetops;
And extravagance of colour in gardens and fields.

For heady perfumed bluebells in woodland glades;
Spring lambs frolicking in sweet meadows.
For the cuckoo announcing her intentions;
Gentle warming breezes, and refreshing rain.

For the sweet smell of new-mown grass;
For the taste of spring fruits and vegetables;

For Eastertide and all that speaks of resurrection,
New life in our world, and hope for the future.


                                          Glory be for Springtime 


Copyright on all my poems

Note:  Enkindling:  enkindling:

verb (used with or without object), en·kin·dled, en·kin·dling.

to kindle into flame, ardor, activity, etc.

I could have said:  reklindling:  to begin to burn again; ignite again:

The warmth of last year's summer went but spring reminds us that it hasn't completely gone but just needs to be ignited again as the days become longer and longer.  This year (2022) has been too hot for me though.  Right now, though, as I write, it is September and there are apples on my tree, replacing the blossom above.  Josie 

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