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Dry Yellow Leaf
Dry Yellow Leaf


Autumn Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Autumn Leaves
Dry Yellow Leaf


By Josie Whitehead

Dry Yellow Leaf
Goodbye to Summer

Autumn tumbles in upon the high wind, 
Swirling through mists and stubble fields
Amidst ruby red berries and golden leaves.

Close sister to the fast declining sun,
She romps carelessly amidst people who,
For their bountiful harvests, thank God.

She gently nudges late flying swallows
Who seriously discuss their flight paths
Whilst huddled on telegraph wires.

Look!  How beautiful is this season 
Of vibrant colours, damp mists, cool breezes.
Season of harvest-time and ripening vines.

Autumn wears her warmest colours –
Flaming russets and sizzling golds -
To compensate for the chilly nights.

The huge round harvest moon rises
Over the gently smoking chimneys,
Apple laden trees and tapestries of gold

            As Autumn quietly murmurs - - 

                                   Goodbye to summer 







Dry Yellow Leaf

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