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Magic Wand


Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Rabbit in a Hat
Great Ragando 1.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Great Ragando (The)

A magician dwelt in a fabulous house,
     And his name was Nicholas Sango.
He was better known by his working name -
     The illustrious Great Ragando.

Such clever magicians are much admired 
     And his name was on every billboard.
The money he made was noted by all 
     And his golden car wasn't ignored.

Away from the stage he would work at his books
      For spells that would bring him more gold.
In one of the books was a wonderful spell.
    'It’s tricky, but works,' he was told.

'I’ve all that I need and I’m ready to go.
     I must now put my mind on the job.'
The cauldron was ready and waiting for him
     And his heart was beginning to throb.

A rumble like thunder, a flash and a bang -
   A most frightening thing to behold!
Nicholas Sango then started to shrink,
   His body encased in the gold.

News went around: 'Great Ragando has gone,
     And a gold doll was found,' we were told.
Now Nicholas Sango can’t cast any spells
     And for certain can’t make any gold.

Copyright on all my poems


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