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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

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'On 20 March every year the world comes together to commemorate The International Day of Happiness and it's not just another day on the calendar but a day in which we can all do something to make the world a happier place.  Go on - give someone a smile, or a kind word - or offer to help Mum or Dad or, yes, your teacher.  Pick up the phone and say some kind words to Granny or Granddad.  I hope my poem will make you think.



Happines Formula (The) .jpg
Happiness Formula (The)

What makes you happy - amassing wealth - -
A life without working, fitness and health? 
     How can you find that warm inner glow? 
     What in the world makes happiness grow?

What makes you gloomy – poverty, bad health? 
Sadness and happiness are not linked to wealth.
What’s given you happiness?  Write down your list.
    Put on your thinking cap.  What have you missed?


The beauty of nature must be one of those things  
And does your heart lift when you hear the birds sing? 
     If your family rejects you and you feel of no use, 
     What kind of happiness will this ever produce?

Love brings you happiness; without love, despair. 
You don’t need a fortune - just people who care. 

    Spend time with the friends who like being with you -
    Who respect you, who love you and like what you do.

What makes you happy - a kind word and a smile? 
Fault-finding and grumbling are never worthwhile. 
    If we give away love more comes back in return,
    So show others you care by your love and concern.

Develop your confidence - seek good in all things.
Perhaps turn on some music and have a good sing. 
     Don’t fret for tomorrow but strive hard for today -
     But enough of this preaching - I’m off now to play!

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