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Poems about
Our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead

Fish with Scales Sketch
Fish with Scales Sketch
Fisherman on the River Wharfe, Ilkley- where I live.


By Josie Whitehead

I'm a Smart Little Fish

I will tell you a story that's terribly short.

I'm a fish in the river that no-one has caught

     And I travel along seeing so many places

     But up through the water, I now can see faces.


Oh!!! It's men on the banks, and that’s such a bad sign!

One's holding a rod, and attached is a line.

     I have learnt it is wrong to take food from this source

     And I swim on ahead, and ignore him, of course.


Through the country, the town and then further downstream,

I now swim over rocks that are polished and clean.

       I then swim under bridges past fields full of sheep -

       And, whilst watching for humans, there’s no time to sleep.


They will not catch this fish today, that is for certain.

I’ll miss all their hooks and I’ll miss all that hurting.

     So good luck you humans.  You've no more to do

     Than to cling to the hope that you may catch a shoe.


It's people who're stupid and we who are smart.

You may think you are clever, but we’ll always dart

      Into little dark crevices far from your eyes

      For we’ll not be the fish that your fish lady fries.

Copyright on all my poems

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