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Winter Plant


Winter Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Winter Plant


KS2 POETRY:  Children hear, read and respond to poems and write their own simple poems or passages of descriptive prose.  I bring to life many subjects, especially those of the natural world.  I'll always remember writing this poem as I was walking with my two grandchildren around The Tarn (lake on hillside) in Ilkley, and they laughed as they saw the drops of water dripping onto us, as if they wanted to catch us.  Discuss this with your own children.  Josie


By Josie Whitehead

Iced Droplet (The)

An iced droplet fell upon my head
And changed to a water drop instead.
     It slowly ran onto my face
     And gradually to another place - -

For it slipped and slid onto my nose 
And you might think, and I suppose,
     That this is what it had in mind –
     To end its days near to mankind.

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