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S t o r y   P o e m s
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Images in Your Story Poems
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Do your parents read you story-poems

     Before you go to bed?

And is your mind filled up with thoughts

      That race round in your head?


All those characters, within your poems,

      They’re in your head to stay.

They’re there, within your head to sleep

      And some never go away.


They sleep within your inward mind

      Though you may forget they’re there.

Then in years to come they may resurge

      And, with others, you may share.


When I was just a little girl,

     This happened to me too.

Now all these characters return - - -

       In the poems I write for you!

Copyright on all my poems

The children in my local school who asked me to write poems for them (when I hadn't written any before), also asked me to make this website for them and add voice recordings to my poems because:  'We love to hear poetry read,' and 'if we hear it when we are going to bed, it makes us sleepy and helps us to sleep.'  In fact I, for certain, have found the same thing for I've put some of these poems onto CDs.  Books are fine, but there is so much that can be added to a website, including, of course, my little chats with you at the foot of the poems and the fact that children in 188 countries of the world get these poems and for many, English is a second language and they need to hear a native English speaker pronouncing the words clearly for them.

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