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Shadowing Poems/Parody

By Josie Whitehead

Parody is usually a 'take-off' of someone else's poem for fun, but it is great fun just to 'shadow' the style and subject of a poem which you love, but certainly not to copy the words in any way.  I have done this in the poem below and I'll link you to the poem I've shadowed.  You are welcome to SHADOW any of my poems, but not to copy them or use them on another website/book as I have copyright on all my work.

NOTE:  The following poem is a 'shadow poem' of the famous poem 'The Listeners' by one of my favourite poets, Walter de la Mare

Is Anyone There.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Is Anyone There?

'Is anyone there?' called the winter wind

     As he hissed down the chimney pot,

But a snore was all that he thought he heard

     From a dog by the name of Spot.


'Is anyone there?' called the golden sun,

      As his warm rays touched the flowers.

'Yes,' said a spider. 'I’m making my web 

     And it’s taken me hours and hours.'


'Is anyone there?' called the gentle rain

       Splashing the garden pond.

'I’m here,' said the frog, 'enjoying your drops,'

     As he hopped to the garden beyond.


'Is anyone there?' called the snow that fell,

     But answer came none at all,

For everyone knows that the world goes quiet

     When the snow begins to fall.

Copyright on all my poems

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