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By Josie Whitehead

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Image by Andy Grizzell



By Josie Whitehead

The Land That the Sun Forsook

Over the hills and a long way away
     Is the land of eternal rain.
The sun, out of spite, has vacated this place
     As it left on the plane to Spain.

Both sodden and soggy the wetlands thrive
       For it's raining both night and day,
And sadly for children who live in this place,
      There's nowhere outside they can play.

Rain pitters and patters on window and roof
     And the birds never sing any more.
It splishes and splashes and sploshes again
     On the roads outside everyone's door.

The rivers run fast and the waterfalls sing
     To the tune of the endless stream.
The warmth of the sun on a soft golden beach
     Must surely be part of a dream.

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A friend in Lancashire (our next county) said that they get all the rain whilst we in Yorkshire keep the sunshine.  Not true!  But I wrote this poem especially for Phil.  I hope he enjoys it in Lancashire.