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Story Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Letter Box the)
Letter Box .jpg

The letter box upon your street

Receives the mail from those he meets:

      Letters telling someone's news

      Or postcards showing local views.

This letter here's from Aunty Pat
Who says she’s just deloused her cat,
     Whilst Uncle Mark is sick in bed
     With something that we all should dread.

Now here’s some news I think you’ll like:
It’s something good from Cousin Mike:
     He’s passed exams which means that he
     Can enter university.

A birthday card, and it’s for you -
Sent by your very kind friend Sue.
     Oh! Jamie's feeling very sad 

      Because he's fallen out with Dad.

A parcel’s now popped in the box
Containing lovely woollen socks.
     That granny’s just a little gem:
     She sat for hours and knitted them.

The love letters, the cards, the bills;
The kindly message of goodwill;
     The mail that causes others grief;
     The lengthy ones and those quite brief.

The night's arrived, the post box sleeps

With mail inside piled in a heap,

      But after night there follows day

      When the mail van takes it all away.

Then soon you'll all receive your mail 

As the post van travels hill and dale,

      And through your door it gently falls

       For you to pick up in your hall.

Copyright on all my poems

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