Minibeast Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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Little Green Caterpillar  - Peter Hudspi



By Josie Whitehead

Little Green Caterpillar 3

A little green caterpillar sat on a leaf

      And he looked at the world all around:

A butterfly sat on a sweet smelling rose,

       Whilst an ant ran along on the ground.


He looked up at the sun shining high in the sky

       And the clouds floating by overhead.

‘I want so much to see more of our lovely world,

       And I’m fed up with leaves,’ he then said.


Then the butterfly came to a flower near to him:

       ‘Now you stop this!’ she quietly said:

‘I was a small creature, like you, long ago,

       And I didn’t know what lay ahead.’


‘All butterflies start life, exactly like you,

       And are bored eating greens every day,

But there’s magic ahead that is waiting for you:

       So eat up and don’t grumble, I say.’


The little green caterpillar did as she said

       And he ate and he ate and he ate.

He munched and he crunched upon all of those leaves

       And I must say, he put on some weight!!!


He suddenly felt a strange feeling inside,

       And his jacket then started to split.

‘Oh it’s good to step out of that tight-fitting coat.

       It was starting to hurt me a bit.’


But as he discarded his scruffy old coat,

      He looked down and just what did he see?

Not a worm, not a beetle, an ant or a fly –

      And most certainly not a small bee.


                   SO WHAT DID HE SEE?


A small butterfly?  Yes, with two beautiful wings.

      It was just as the other one said.

‘Oh the world is so big, and I’ve so much to see –

       And for me, there’ll be so much ahead.’


Was it magic?  For certain!  You don’t need a wand

        But don’t ever plan too far ahead.

You take every day as it comes and work hard

       And you strive for that magic ahead.

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