Sea Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Blue Fish
Blue Fish


By  Josie Whitehead

Little Sea Maiden

Far from our shores where the seagulls cry
As they circle around in the stormy sky,
    A mermaid sleeps in her briny bed,
    Golden curls crowning her little head.

She dreams of a world where dolphins play
And of golden sands and waves in the bay.
    With a flip of her tail-fin she’ll quickly dart
And her lovely blue eyes will capture your heart.

She tickles the crabs, she teases the fishes
And turns coral shells into such pretty dishes.
This is her world with her father and mother,
    With other sea children and sister and brother.

Sleep on little mermaid and dream of your pleasures
In your lovely sea palace surrounded by treasures.
    Tomorrow will bring yet another bright day -
    One full of laughter in your sea world of play.

Copyright on all my poems


This was one of 400 poems chosen by teachers and children in many schools across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010.  I hope you like it also.