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War Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Lives Lost by War

I walked along this road again
     And thought of all the times before
When I was young and life was sweet.
      We never knew the word called 'war'.

Sweet blossom hung from every tree;
      We walked together to our school.
We played with friends out in the fields
     And sailed our boats upon the pool.

We grew, we worked and met our wives.
      And each had children of our own.
We brought them up as honest folk.
      The future was to all unknown.

Such solemn news came on the air.
     We quietly sat but could not speak.
Our children went to fight a war
     And all were lost within a week.

As I walk along this road again,
    With broken heart and tears that pour,
I join with those who share my grief
   For loved-ones killed in acts of war.

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