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Artist for the following poems:

Aliens and Flying Saucers

Dad's Ergonomic Chair

Dinosaur Dinner

A Dragon Called Drac

Just Learning to Fly 

LUIS PERES - Children's Fantasy Artist

This is the work of a good friend of mine, and also a very talented children's fantasy artist, Luis Peres, from Portugal.  

As you look at the work accompanying some of my fantasy poems (and there are lots and lots more to be illustrated), you will surely think as I do:  "Could she ever be more lucky than to have such a wonderful artist wishing to illustrate her poems?"  I would say "No, I'm sure I couldn't for certain."  He loves my poems as much as I love his artwork and they go together so well.  Perfect partners!

LUIS PERES:  Experience:  Luis is a freelance cartoon/fantasy illustrator and graphic designer.  This includes video game work, children's book illustrations, cartoons, character and mascots development for marketing campaigns; packaging, identity, icons and screen layout designs for software applications, storyboards and 3D animation for Portugese TV documentaries.  He has done greetings card illustrations, fantasy, art, imaginery landscapes and his share of comic book art or comic art in general.  

All in all, a very experienced and much sought after illustrator for whom we owe a debt of thanks for illustrating many of my poems.  If you need any artwork of this type doing, please do contact Luis because you can see the high standard he offers.  - Josie 

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