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Magical/Mystical Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Aliens and Flying Saucers 3.jpg

These wonderful illustrations were given to us by children's illustrator:  Luis Peres who loves my poems as much as I love his illustrations.


By Josie Whitehead

Aliens and Flying Saucers

Now what is an alien?  Did you think about that?
Do you think it might look like a toad or a rat?
     Well it could have two heads and only one eye,
     And where would it come from?  Up in the sky?

Would you recognize one if it knocked on your door?
Its face would be something you couldn’t ignore.
     Did you think of its colour?  Perhaps it is green,
     But like you, it is something that I’ve never seen.

Now a space ship is different - I’ve seen one of those.
They’re large, they’re round and the light from them glows.
    One hovered right over the roof of my house,
    But it stayed very still and as quiet as a mouse.

Then our TV went off and our lights all went out.
And from up in my bedroom there came a loud shout:
      My daughter saw something high up in the sky:
      'Look over our house!' came her very loud cry.

What was over our home you will never believe,
For it’s true that some people set out to deceive.
    Well a huge flying saucer was hovering up high,
With many small lights shining down from the sky.

Then in seconds, it seemed, it shot over our town.
Were aliens, inside it?  Were they looking down?
     It was the subject next day, of which everyone spoke,
     But do you think, like some, it was only a joke?

Aliens and Flying Saucers 1 .jpg
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and artwork
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