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Duck Story-Poem
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Scruffy Duck .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Magical Tale of Scruffy Duck (The)

Once there was a tatty duck –

     Scruffy, was his name.

His feathers were a shabby brown

     And this seemed quite a shame.


Worse was to come, for Scruffy Duck

     When August came around –

For Scruffy’s feathers, brown and dull,

     Were soon blown all around.


The feathers fell out one by one;

     The wind swept them away.

But when September came, guess what

      Occurred one autumn day!


New feathers grew on Scruffy Duck.

     Oh what a sight to see!

They came in greys, in greens and blues,

     And Scruffy quacked with glee.


The lady ducks soon spotted him.

     He stood out from the crowd.

They quacked aloud with joy to see

     This handsome duck, so proud.

They changed his name from Scruffy Duck -

     The name he’d had since birth –

For 'Handsome' is the name you give

     To the loveliest duck on earth!

Copyright on all my poems

* tatty:  shabby looking, ie not very smart looking. (scruffy).

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