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Story Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead


I’ve a mystery friend that you’ll never see.
He’s an invisible boy who’s often with me.
     I see him right now - he’s there in my sight.
     This strange little person might give you a fright.

When I asked him his name he said: 'Mickledy-Me'.
It’s a very strange name as you’ll surely agree.
     With his lovely red hair and funny green face,
     He’s probably come here from far out in space.

Though my parents can’t see him, I certainly can.
He creeps on the table and eats all the jam. 
     He dives in the sugar bowl and makes me laugh
     And then hides the soap when I’m taking a bath.

He gets on my bed when I’m trying to sleep
And when nobody’s looking he’ll shout out ‘peep peep’.
      My parents look puzzled when they hear a sound
      For it’s strange to hear noises when no one’s around.

I’ve tried to explain him to Mum and to Dad,
But they, I am sure, think I’m going quite mad.
     My school friends believe me, there isn’t a doubt,
     But there’s trouble and happiness when he is about.

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