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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead




By Josie Whitehead

Mickledy-Me Goes to School

My invisible friend, called Mickledy-Me,
Is really as silly as silly can be.
     One day I decided to take him to school,
     But I knew it was actually breaking the rule.

He hid in the cloakroom and wouldn’t come out.
Though nobody saw him they all heard him SHOUT.
     My friends were all puzzled and my face went red
     And I wished right then that I’d left him in bed.

He came in my classroom, though nobody saw,
But I saw his green face that peeped round the door.
     He then threw cold water all over the place
     And a pot of blue paint went in my teacher’s face.

He climbed over desks and pulled my friends’ hair.
He ran in the corridors and straight up the stairs.
     We suddenly heard such a terrible crash;
     Doors opened and shut as he made a quick dash.

When school was all over we all went back home
And I found him asleep in my room all alone.
     Poor Mickledy-Me is as bad as can be,
     But I really love him and I know he loves me.

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