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Story Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Miss Goldilocks and the Special Bird

Miss Goldilocks loved all the birds

    And fed them every day.

She took her bag, with lots of food,

     And set off on her way.


She went into her local park

      And looked into the trees

Where lots of birds were sitting there

      And bird food? ‘Oooh!  Yes please!’


They knew Miss Goldilocks quite well –

     A favourite in their town –

And, once her hand went in her bag,

      The hungry birds swooped down.


They quickly ate the lovely things

     She’d brought for them each day –

And, once they knew the food had gone,

     They quickly flew away.


Miss Goldilocks set off for home

     But then she heard a sound:

It sounded like a chirping voice,

     And so she looked around.


Behind her, sitting on the path,

    She saw a little bird.

He’d missed his breakfast with his friends

     And was glad that he’d been heard.


‘I’d like some breakfast please,’ said he:

     'I missed my share today.

I’d forgotten it was breakfast time

    When I’d been out to play.’


Miss Goldilocks looked in her bag:

     His little voice she’d heard –

And yes, she saw there were more seeds

      To give this little bird.


With much delight he gobbled up

     This most delicious seed,

And, thanking her, with one more song,

      He fled away at speed.


Then every day he’d turn up late

     And she’d feed him on his own –

And he’d sing for her, a lovely song,

     As he followed her alone.


Miss Goldilocks loved this little bird.

     He was her special friend.

Now let’s wave bye bye to both of them

     For this story’s at its end.

Copyright on all my poems

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