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By Josie Whitehead

P2 - Moon Fairies

Continued . . . . 

In children's fairy tales, we're told,

     The moon is made of cheese,

But the truth that we've discovered since

     Is hardly meant to please.

No birds, no flowers, no clean fresh air,

     *No rivers, seas or lakes;
No animals, no minibeasts

     And no fish or even snakes.

The Moon fairies keep hoping

     That we’ll travel to the moon,
And, in our spaceship, bring them here

      To our world, very soon.

But do you think they’d be surprised

     When they arrived from space,
To find, perhaps, our Planet Earth

     Is quite a different place?

They’d see that people fight and kill

     And do things they never should.
They destroy rain forests of our world

      And often burn the wood.

The seas are trawled with great big nets;

      We’ve ruined the coral reefs;
And man pollutes the air we breathe:

     Oh it's quite beyond belief.

They’d see the rubbish that we leave

     In woodlands, hedge and field,
Whilst, from the Moon, such things as these

     Are very well concealed.

With disbelief they’d see all this

     And feel so much dismay
That perhaps those little Moon fairies

      Would sadly go away.

Copyright on all my poems


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*  The Moon has no atmosphere, so water cannot exist there in a liquid state. There is strong evidence for water in the form of ice in some craters near both lunar poles. Thus no rivers, brooks, streams, ponds, lakes, seas or oceans, despite some lunar features having names in Latin that such exist there. 

In your groups make two lists:  One list contains all the things you like about our world and the second list contains things which would make our world a much better place.

Have you seen pictures of our world from space?  What did you think?  - Josie 

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