Longer Narrative Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Moon Fairies (The)

The Moon fairies look at our earth and ask each other: 'Why
Do mortals live so far from us, divided by black sky?'
      From far in space they watch our earth as round and round it twirls
      And it looks just like blue marble with clouds of pure white swirls.

If they could see our seasons from their home far out in space,
They’d be astonished at the colours of this far, far distant place.
      They’d see the autumn colours as the leaves turned gold on trees
      And the beauty of our springtime would be something that would please.

They'd never hear sweet birdsong or see lovely summer flowers
And they'd never get a snowstorm or, for certain, heavy showers.
     They wouldn’t see the snow and ice which crown our mountain peaks
      Nor the fields of wheat, our animals, or our rushing watery creeks.

They’d be jealous of this world of ours seen only in their sky.
Perhaps they’d look at what we have and very sadly sigh.
     The beauty of our lovely world would give them all a shock.
     Their home's so very, very dull, composed of ash and rock.

In children's fairy tales we're told the moon is made of cheese,

But the truth that we've discovered since is hardly meant to please.
      No birds, no flowers, no clean fresh air, no rivers, seas or lakes;
      No animals, no minibeasts and no fish or even snakes.

The Moon fairies keep hoping that we’ll travel to the moon,
And in our spaceship bring them here to our world, very soon.
     But do you think they’d be surprised when they arrive from space,
     To find, perhaps, our Planet Earth is quite a different place?

They’d see that people fight and kill; do things they never should:
Destroy rain forests of our world and often burn the wood.
     The seas are trawled with great big nets; we’ve ruined the coral reefs;
     And man pollutes the air we breathe: oh it's quite beyond belief.

They’d see the rubbish that we leave in woodlands, hedge and field,
Whilst, from the Moon, such things as these are very well concealed.
      With disbelief they’d see all this and feel so much dismay
      That perhaps those little Moon fairies would sadly go away.

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In your groups make two lists:  One list contains all the things you like about our world and the second list contains things which would make our world a much better place.

Have you seen pictures of our world from space?  What did you think?  - Josie