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Weather Poems -



By Josie Whitehead

Dark Clouds


By Josie Whitehead

Mr Storm's Rage

Mr Storm treks threatening skies

    And carries snow upon his tail,

And, growling like an angry beast,

    He bares his teeth in winter gale.


His temper beats upon the roofs,

     On trees and ships far out at sea.

He roars and screams across the land

     In frenzied wild intensity.


Waves swell and surge at his command.

      They crash in anguish on the shore,

And is his vengeance finished yet?

      No, I’m afraid there is much more.


For Mr Storm strengthens his grip

    And rain beats down in ceaseless flow.

His biting teeth gnaw man and beast

    With rancorous, cutting winds in tow.


His seething wrath shows no respect;

    His feet and arms thrash out with rage.

The wind howls in accompaniment,

     And for a while there’s no assuage.


We humans cringe within his path

    And seek to shelter from his blast;

The storm moves on and morning comes;

     Our world is stilled and quiet at last.



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