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People Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Mrs Meddle's Muddle - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Mrs Meddle's Muddle

Mrs Meddle’s got into a terrible muddle.

She’s dropped her handbag in a dirty, big puddle.

     Her purse is all wet and her diary’s destroyed,

     So I’m sure Mrs Meddle is more than annoyed.


She’s picked up her handbag and water’s ran out -

Well a bit like a teapot pours tea from its spout.

      The dirty, cold water’s gone into her shoes

      And then into her tights it has started to ooze.


Squelch goes her shoes as she walks down the street.

Oh how cold and how wet are her poor little feet!

      She hurries back home to get herself warm,

      But here comes more rain in a terrible storm.


Rain pours down her coat and runs down her face.

Mrs Meddle now looks such an awful disgrace.

      With her coat soaking wet and also her hat,

       I’d say she looks more like one very drowned cat.


At last she’s reached home and gone through her door,

But that rainwater’s dripping all over her floor.

      If you visit her now, I think you’ll be told:

      'Mrs Meddle’s in bed with a horrible cold.'

Copyright on all my poems

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