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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

My Little Dog Called Gemma

My little dog called Gemma,

     Is very small and white.

She loves to rush out barking

     When there's a cat in sight.


She’s fond of chasing rabbits

     And also squirrels too,

But how would little Gemma feel

     If I took her to a zoo?


Would she be afraid of tigers,

     Or think that they were cats?

If one came towards her

     She'd not stay for a chat.


She'd be frightened of a rhino

     And perhaps also of a bear.

Some little creatures she'd adore

     And wouldn't have a care.


The monkeys would be funny

     And she'd want to stay and play,

But if it was getting rather late,

     We’d go back another day.


Then my little dog called Gemma

     Would go to bed and dream

Of all the strange new creatures

     That at the zoo she'd seen.

Copyright on all my poems

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