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Holiday Pumpkins


Autumn Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Holiday Pumpkins
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Dry Yellow Leaf


By Josie Whitehead

My Gift to You
Simple Maple Leaves
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The trees are turning golden now;
     The squirrel's storing nuts.
Autumn’s come in leaps and bounds -
     No room for ifs or buts.

The days are growing shorter too;
     Cold nights are here again
And winter winds will soon arrive
     Along with snow or rain.

The swallows, all, have said goodbye
     And left for distant shores.
The purple heather’s turned to gold
     Upon our Yorkshire moors.

For gardeners it’s a busy time  -
     There’s not much time to write -
But this small poem’s my gift to you,
     And surely that’s all right?

Copyright on all my poems

Dry Yellow Leaf
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