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Green Apple


Autumn Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Green Apple
Nature's Best - Heading .jpg
Nature's Best

The autumn sun shines on a tree,
     Caressing ripening fruit.
Apples sunbathe in its warmth
     Each in its rosy suit.

In glory, hanging from its branch,
     Adorned in nature’s best,
A tempting apple sits and waits
     And surely it has guessed -

Its growing season’s now complete:
       Its redness says that’s true;
And, juicy apples have appeal
      To me and also you.

A human hand approaches it -
     A human eye as well -
Lured by the memory of this fruit,
     Its colour, taste and smell.

This scrumptious fruit is gently placed
      In a small girl’s tiny hand 
And what to do with this sweet fruit?
       Oh yes, she’ll understand.

Her teeth crunch through the rosy skin;
     Her tongue tastes juices sweet,
And, bite by bite, the apple’s gone,
     Its life for sure complete.

The autumn winds blow strong and cold;
     The summer’s gone, that’s clear,
But the tree promises more juicy fruit
     Will grow again next year.


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