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 Story-Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead
Oh Don't Be Shy

Spring arrived in Yorkshire

     And the sun shone in the sky.

The flowers arrived, yes one by one,

     And bees were flying by.


The colours of the tulips - oh!

     Bright yellows, pinks and reds.

Most opened in the sunshine

      But then one quite shyly said:


'I’ll not open in this sunshine.

      For I’m not like all of you!

I know just what that sun can do.

     You wait!  You’ll see it’s true.'


'Oh, don’t be silly,' cried her friends.

     'Come, open as we’ve done.

The world’s so wonderful to see.

     We're  having so much fun.'


But the tulip closed her petals tight,

     And would not join the rest.

'I’ll keep MY petals closed today.

     I’m sure that is the best.'


Next day her sisters boldly showed

     Their colours in their beds,

But their sister wouldn’t join them

     And this is what she said: 

'Within a week, you wait and see,

      Your petals will have dropped -

Or if a human wanders past,

     Your stalks will soon be chopped.'


And she was right for very soon

     The tulips were no more,

And even those that humans took,

      Soon died, and that’s for sure!


But of course she couldn’t live her life

     Alone inside her flower,

And she had to open to the sun

     And to the April shower.


She saw the garden in full bloom;

    She heard the singing birds.

She heard the family as they spoke

     And listened to their words:


'This tulip is the very last -

     The most beautiful of all.

Its colour’s brightening up this bed

    Beside the garden wall.'


Alas the tulip, like the rest,

    Dropped petals in the rain -

But the family know for certain that

     Next spring she’ll come again.

Copyright on all my poems

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