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 Christmas Story-Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Owl's Christmas Story (The)

An owl, perched on a lofty tower,

     Surveyed the town below:
Humans, horses, donkeys, dogs -
     There seemed an endless flow! 

The lights blazed out, and what a din!
     When would it ever cease?
Oh surely for an owl there'd be
     A place to find some peace.

He flew away from human noise,
     Above the streets below.

His wings were strong, his eyes were keen.
     Oh he knew where to go.

Far from the bustle of that town, 
      He landed in a tree 

And then he looked and looked again 
     And just what did he see?

He saw some shepherds on this hill -
     Their sheep were all around.
The shepherd boys all talked and laughed
     Whilst sitting on the ground.

The owl saw something else as well,
     From high up in his tree,
And you and I would find this strange,
     I know you will agree.

From high up in the dark night sky
     An angel then appeared.
The shepherd boys looked terrified
     For this was truly weird.

The angel, bathed in dazzling light,
      Lit up the hills below.
He said to them: 'Now listen well.
    There's something you must know.

'I bring good tidings of great joy,
     For on this very morn,
A tiny baby - God's own son -
     Was in a stable, born.

'Go from this place and find this child
     And worship him with joy,
For he has come to bring God's love -
     This simple little boy.'

Then, all at once, the large owl saw
     More angels from above,
Who sang with joyfulness their praise,
     In songs of wondrous love.

The owl joined in with boisterous hoots,
     His heart filled with delight,
Because of all he'd seen and heard
     Upon this special night.

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