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Summer Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Paint a Summer's Day

Paint away the winter’s grey;
Blow the stormy clouds away;
    Drive elsewhere the winter cold;
    Fill the world with sunshine gold.

Colour flowers of every hue;
Paint the sky with lots of blue;
    Golden sand and sapphire seas;
    Poppies blowing in the breeze.

Blue for bluebells, red the rose;
Green banks where the primrose grows;
    Through your window winter’s near;
    You depict that summer’s here.

Copyright on all my poems


NOTE:  Dactylic Verse:  DUM di DUM di DUM di DUM di.  Written with rhyming aabb with indentation for new rhyming lines, this is called tetrameter.  So my poem is written in dactylic tetrameter - quite a difficult verse to write.  Try writing some dactylic lines yourself.  Josie

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