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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Paint Me a Picture (1) - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Paint Me a Picture (1)

Paint for me springtime with blossom on trees.

Paint for me coolness and soft gentle breeze.

     Paint for me red with flames flickering bright

     And paint me a scene that’s lit by sunlight.


Paint for me summer with colours that blaze

And green verdant pastures where animals graze.

     Paint sweet scented roses, lilies, sweet peas:

      Flowers in your picture will certainly please.


Paint for me people – the young and the old:

Those in hot deserts and those in the cold.

     Paint children, of course, as they happily play.

     Paint sandcastles, waves and boats in the bay.


Paint animals too - both the large and the small:

The squeaking small mice and giraffes which are tall.

      Don’t forget pets - oh no, don’t forget these

      For our pets in our pictures most certainly please.


Paint me a picture - it’s good for you too -

And each day I see it, I’ll think about you.

      Paint, paint and paint all your troubles away,

      And sit and relax on your trouble-free day.

Copyright on all my poems

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