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Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Peace on Earth

Away from traffic’s fumes and noise,

     And that noisy city street;

In country lanes, where sparrows chirp –

    The world’s so very sweet.


Away from sirens’ whining drone

      And bombs that strike and kill,

You’ll find a shelter from man’s hate;

     You’ll find that gentle still.


Away from all that kills man’s soul

      With earthly manmade hate,

You’ll find the place I’m speaking of,

     So step inside this gate.


Away from man’s tempestuous moods,

     Ambition, greed and sin,

We’re through the gate.  So take my hand

      And we’ll quietly enter in.


Here’s solitude – yes peace on earth.

     Come, follow without fear,

And quietly wait – shhh.   What do we feel?

     God’s presence is quite near.


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