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Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Pet Mice Are Quite Nice - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Pet Mice Are Quite Nice

Pet mice are quite nice. 

     Do you have a pet mouse?

They like living with humans

     In a cage in your house. 

Pet mice are quite nice

     Just doing their tricks

But they don’t live alone -

     You need five, perhaps six.


Pet mice are quite nice

     Though they sleep in the day;

But at night when it’s dark

      They wake up and play. 

Pet mice are quite nice

     If you don’t have a cat,

For your mice might get less

     Whilst your cat becomes fat.

Copyright on all my poems


Do any of you have pet mice?  They  come in all colours.  We had several and when it comes to being clean, I have never known any other animal who spent so much time washing themselves and grooming themselves.  The white mice couldn't have been cleaner if they had come out of the washing machine!!  We did have 2 cats.  Tommy, a little black Persian cat, accepted that the mice (and our budgerigars) were part of the family and he never touched them, but Mary was more than interested and one day I rescued poor little mother mouse.  Mary had a good telling off and I don't ever remember her touching them again.  What are your stories about pets?  Josie

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