Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Model Cat

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By Josie Whitehead


What sort of pets do you like best:
The active ones or those who rest?
    The little ones or larger ones,
    The timid ones or daring ones?

What sort of pet do you prefer -
The one who barks or those who purr?
     The fluffy ones or scruffy ones?
     The lazy ones or crazy ones?
I like the one who loves me most,
Who’s always there to share my toast:
    The waggy one, the shaggy one,
     The ‘take-me-for-a-walkie’ one. 

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Man's BF

This popular poem was chosen by children and teachers for publication in 2010.  You may have it in your classroom.  Sadly it is out of publication right now but you have it here until published again.  It will make a wonderful discussion poem for your groups of children as pets are a popular subject for them all.