Animal Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

Pets I Wouldn't Want

I’ve had many pets across the years 
And when they’ve died, I’ve shed my tears.
     My list shows pets not right for me 
     And here’s the list for you to see:

A slithery, sliding snake comes first,
But perhaps it’s not amongst the worst.
     Massive spiders make me shake,
     Perhaps more than a slithery snake.

Third on my list?  The crocodile,
With open mouth and friendly smile - 
     But a crocodile, with jaws held wide
     Would hope that I’d soon be inside!

No scorpions and centipedes
Or those which run around at speed -
     And keep mosquitoes from me please.
     In taking blood they spread disease.

Most family cats are friendly pets,
But lions; tigers? They are threats!
     A jellyfish?   No, not for me,
     So leave them swimming in the sea.

My favourite pet’s my dog, of course,
But I also like a friendly horse.
     Yes guinea pigs and budgerigars -
     Not pets that bite or are bizarre.

Copyright on all my poems 

Published by Oxford University Press 2018



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