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Shadowing Poetry

By Josie Whitehead

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(A shadow of a much-loved poem:
'Bed In Summer' by Robert Louis Stevenson)

By Josie Whitehead
Poem of the Seasons (A)

In summer, when the days are long,
I go to sleep by blackbird song.
    I’m woken by the sunshine bright
   That, early, sent away the night.

In winter, quite the other way;
The night cuts short the length of day.
    In morning, when I must arise,
    There’s darkness all about the skies.

In springtime days are drawing out
And warmer weather is about.
    The gardens start to fill with flowers
But springtime also brings the showers.

In autumn, summer says goodbye
And blows dark clouds across the sky.
    The days draw in, we’ve bonfires bright,
    But Christmas soon will be in sight.


Copyright on all my poems 

SHADOWING POETRY:  Everyone has their own likes/dislikes in the arts world, whether it be music, dance, poetry, art etc. but for myself I like to see that there is skill attached to my favourite arts subjects.  They can link together to make a masterpiece, and you only have to go to the theatre or watch programmes on tv to see this.  So I have my favourite poets and mine display skill by writing with rhyme and with rhythm/metre in the same way as for me, music needs rhythm to distinguish it from merely hitting a drum or just blowing a whistle.  Learn from your favourite poets.  Robert Louis Stevenson was one of my favourite poets and here I am shadowing his poem 'To Bed Instead.  Try this with your own writing. Shadowing is NOT copying.  You are not allowed to COPY another person's work and then claim that it is yours - or even publish it without permission.

Human beings learn by copying/learning from others - and I hope you'll learn to write good poetry by shadowing my own poems.  Josie

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