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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Poems That You'll Enjoy

Sometimes I think I should have been

A bishop, judge – perhaps a queen.

    I could have shown the world I’m smart

    With gifts of music, dance or art.


I think and think – then think again –

For thinking’s so good for the brain:

     Well sport?  I’m not the sporting kind.

      I’m too laid-back, I think you’ll find.


An actress?  No, I’m rather shy!

My acting skills would make you cry.

    A priest, a judge, a doctor, vet?

    The very thought just makes me fret!


A chef?  Well, yes I cook quite well!

A witch, who casts a wicked spell?

     Oh no, no, no.  You will agree

     That witchcraft’s not the life for me.


But now I’ll tell you all the truth:

In years gone by – yes, in my youth -

    A teacher’s life was what I sought

    And such a happy life it brought.


And now, too old for new careers,

It’s pleasant in my ‘granny’ years

    To not now brood on lost employ

    But write good poems that you’ll enjoy.

Copyright on all my poems

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