The Importance of Poetry 
in Your Life

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Poetry Anywhere
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Some poems will give your heart a lift

     And others make you cry

And everyone can write a poem

     But often never try.


A poem is so much fun to write,

     But needs a little care

So lift your pen and try to write

     Some poetry anywhere.


Now fill your home with poetry

     And fill your school classroom.

I much prefer the happy poems,

     Not those of doom and gloom.


Poetry can make you think,

     But some poems really scare,

But read and write it every day –

     Yes, poetry anywhere.


Do you like scary monster poems

     Or those which make you grin?

Monsters?  Witches?  Fairies?  Elves? 

     The short, the fat and thin?


Poems of every sort are good,

     But here’s a tip: beware!

You can become addicted

     To that poetry anywhere. 


Libraries  fill their shelves with it,

     And websites have it too.

It’s fun to read just anywhere –

     Yes, even in the loo!


 Prose is fine but surely there

      Is nothing to compare

  To JOSIE’S POEMS for you know what:

         She writes it anywhere.

Copyright on all my poems

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