Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

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Poetry is Powerful

Poetry is powerful:  well, do you agree?

It can start as an acorn and grow to a tree.

   It is words in the ear that jump to the mind

   And it stirs your emotions - well that’s what I find.


Poetry is powerful; words leap from the page

And they’re all out to get you, whatever your age.

     Through the eye or the ear they’ll reach you I’m sure

     And you’ll love the experience and then ask for more.


Poetry is powerful – from a rhyme to a song.

Well, do you agree or perhaps think I’m wrong?

      We turn to a poem to both rally or soothe:

      When life’s on an upturn, or not very smooth.


Poetry is powerful, so let’s go on a trip,

From a story in history to a voyage on a ship.

     Let’s travel in space to the stars or the moon,

     Or stay just overhead in a coloured balloon.


Poetry is powerful – read your stories in rhyme:

Well I’ve written so many, but do you have the time?

     My poems will whisk you through stories you know

     And seasonal poems through sunshine and snow.


Poetry is powerful – you will surely agree,

And the ones who write poems are people like me.

     They’re words that are written by people who care

     And their words on the paper are for you all to share.

Copyright on all my poems

PS:  Not just words on THE PAPER in this day and age.  Mine aren't!!

Can you think, discuss and write down a list of poems that I've written that come under the following categories:

Seasonal poems that bring in the subject of . . . . . 

Sunshine, wind, rain, fog, snow.

Narrative poems which tell of:

A princess, a frog, a king or queen, a dog or cat or of a boy or girl.

Magical/Mystical poems which speak of a dragon, a witch and one about a fairy?  

Which Christmas poem is about the donkey who took Mary to Bethlehem?

Oh, that will keep you busy tonight.  Josie