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Drawing of Rabbit


Animal Poems 

By Josie Whitehead

Drawing of Rabbit


By Josie Whitehead

Rabbit Sense

The rabbit’s ears are extra long

And surely that cannot be wrong

    For rabbits need to hear the fox

    Who creeps around in furry socks.


The rabbit’s eyes are big and bright

To search out predators in sight.

     On four strong legs he soon can bound

     To where his scent cannot be found.


The rabbit’s awesome sense of smell

Warns him of danger very well

     And so it seems a curious fate

     To find cooked rabbit on a plate.


We humans with our wit and wile,

With artfulness and guiltless guile,

     Can capture rabbits unaware

      By trapping them within a snare.


Copyright on all my poems

​​Follow-up:  Did you know all these facts about rabbits?  I'm afraid that rabbits are low down in the "food-chain", which means that they breed enormous numbers of baby rabbits which provide food for other animals, including humans.  Nature, when left alone, is very balanced, with food for everyone, and if rabbits were not killed for food, we would be completely over-run with them and they would certainly eat the food which should come to humans.  Find out more facts about rabbits and this poem would make a good centre-piece for your classroom wall, surrounded by facts and pictures.  Josie   

Guile:  clever but often dishonest behaviour - and in this case, without being/feeling guilty.  It is only dishonest because we plan to kill or trap an animal that wouldn't appreciate what we were doing at all! hmmm 'Guiltless guile':  This is alliteration, of course and often used in good poetry.  See also: 'wit and wile' and 'big and bright'.

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