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Fun Narrative Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Second Story of Goldilocks

You’ve surely heard of Goldilocks

      And all that she had done?
But this was just the start of it,

     For villainy was fun.

At first, she thought it was a joke

     To tell her teacher lies,
But teachers weren’t born yesterday,

      And most of them are wise.

The teacher checked her story out,

      And yes, she’d met the bears.
Most certainly she’d told the truth

      Of porridge, stools and stairs.

But the bears had gone to the Police

     And reported Goldilocks:
But what the Police then said to them

      Came as an awful shock.

This dreadful girl, with thieving ways,

      Was sought in every place.
She’d burgled homes of every kind

       And gone without a trace.

She'd stolen gold from palaces 

      And even the King's crown,

But stealing prayer books from the Pope,

       Caused him to sadly frown.

And Santa's toys for boys and girls?

     Yes, stolen from his sleigh -
And house breaking?  Oh yes, yes yes -

      She did this night and day!!

The Police arrested her at school

      And locked her up in jail,
So you may not hear of Goldilocks

      In any other tale.     

        (Or perhaps you may hear of her again.)

Copyright on all my poems

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