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Christmas Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Christmas Reindeer
Christmas Reindeer
R‌eindeer, Dear Reindeer.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Reindeer, Dear Reindeer

Reindeer, dear  reindeer, what do you see
     As you travel across the night sky? - - - 
Mountains, forests, houses and towns?
     Are they tiny when seen from on high?

Do you see all the traffic on our busy streets?
     Do you see all our bright Christmas lights?

Through the eyes of a deer looking down on our earth
     There must be some wonderful sights.

Do you find it quite hard to land on our roofs
     And then to take off yet again?
Is your training quite hard for the work that you do
     With Santa to guide with his rein?

Reindeer, dear reindeer, now don’t forget me
     For I’ve tried not to make a long list,
But I know just how busy you’ll be on that night
      And I’m hoping that I won’t be missed. 

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