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Spiritual/Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Remember It's God's World
Rain Cloud
Brown and White Cow

God made this lovely world of ours
     For you and also me.
He made all the little fishes
    That are swimming in the sea;

The clouds that float upon the breeze;
     The grass beneath our feet;
The rain and sun that help to grow
     The food that we all eat.

God gave us animals who’re large
     And others that are small.
He made the ones that travel fast
     Whilst others slowly crawl.

Some like eating tasty grass

     And others prefer meat -
And after all the work God did,
     Do you think it was complete?

No, God gave us many things to eat
     But told us we should share.
He gave this world to all of us
     And told us we should care.

He wants us to respect His world;
    Show love to one another
And treat other people in our world
      Like a sister or a brother.
You know this hasn’t happened
some people feel alone.
Perhaps they feel unloved, ignored,
     As if they were a stone.

Yet God knows every one of us -
     Each hair upon our head.
So, don’t be selfish in God’s world
     But think of Him instead.

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World Peace
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