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Children's Story Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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Riggaldy Raggaldy Scarecrow - Heading .j


By Josie Whitehead

Riggaldy Raggaldy Scarecrow

What do you do when you’re made and not born?
What do you think when you’re feeling forlorn?
     When they tell you to stand in a field every day
     And frighten your friends, the birds, all away?

They stuffed me with straw; I’ve a hat on my head,
But I’d like to be playing with children instead.
    They gave me some eyes and a smile on my face,
     But I’d much rather be in some faraway place.

A field full of corn can be lonely all day.
Do you think I feel happy propped up in this way?
     I’m not really frightening - well crows say I’m not -
     And the sun’s shining down.  I’m so tired and so hot.

I’m here too at night when you’re tucked up in bed.
You’ve a warm cosy home and I’m sure you’re well fed.
     My company here are the owls and the bats
     And they’re much too busy to stop for a chat.

When your curtains are drawn and your light is turned out;
The rain’s pouring down and there’s no-one about -
     Remember this scarecrow and think of my plight 
     As I wish all you children a very good night!

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