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S e a   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Blue Fish
Blue Fish

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Shark Sense - Heading .jpg

S H A R K   S E N S E

By Josie Whitehead

Shark Sense

A shark’s keen sense is in his nose -
A fact you’ll know, I would suppose.
   'A swimming nose,' that’s what they say –
    A nose well used by night and day.

He’ll sniff the ocean far and wide
And after this he will decide
     The place to find a tempting meal -
     A fishy dish with shark appeal.

A shark’s good eyes are sharp and clear.
Look out you fish when one is near.
     He’ll track you down - no time to flee!
     There’s little safety in the sea!

His hearing’s good - watch out you prey!
He’ll suss you out from far away.
     Once heard, he’ll soon be on your track.
     For him, you’re just a tasty snack.

His teeth are razor sharp – beware!
A tasty victim he’ll ensnare.
     His sense of taste?  No time for taste –
      A shark’s meal disappears with haste!

Smart fish who understand these things 
Will know full well what danger brings.
     Remembering well what they’ve been taught
     They’ll reach old age - as all fish ought! 

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