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Winter Story-Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Snowy Surprise (A)

The snowflakes float upon the breeze
     And coat the countryside
For Snow has left his mark behind
     And then, 
in silence, hides.

With Winter his accomplice, Snow,
     Dressed in his coat of white,
Coats countryside and city streets,
     Then sneaks well out of sight.

The children wake and see a scene
     That’s magic, in their sight.

They know who, whilst they have slept,
     Has worked hard in the night.

It’s on with boots and winter coats;
     The sledges are brought out.
The woolly hats are on their heads
     And children’s voices shout.    


Then off they go: ‘Enjoy your day,
      And try not to get wet,’
But a day of sliding on the slopes
     Is fun they’ll not forget.  


Copyright on all my poems 

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