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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

So What Was the Best Part.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

So What Was the Best Part?

In the clattering train, one question I heard.

It came from behind: just five simple words.

     With the noise of the train I’ll not know the reply,

      So I’m left now to guess, so help me to try.


'What was the best part?' Yes, I’m dying to know.

Was it her day on the beach or her trek in the snow?

      The soft chewy centre or the colour of his hair?

      The end of her school day or new things she’ll wear?


So, what was the best part - the start or the end? -

When she blew out the candles or met a new friend?

      I’ll not know her answer.  She left me to guess –

      It's a mystery forever I have to confess.

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:  In your groups decide on your subjects for the discussion of this poem, ie - the best part of your life, the best part of your year?  Perhaps it is the best part of a film or the best part of your summer holiday.  Write down the name of the subject and write some notes to help you with your part in the discussion.  Then go ahead with a short contribution to the discussion each.  Josie

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