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Our Natural World Poems

- Bird Poems -

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead


Said the blackbird to the robin:

     ‘Let me share my song with you.’

‘Oooh it’s lovely,' said the robin,

     'But my song’s delightful too.’


Then the pigeon cooed along with them,

     And the thrush began to sing,

And what a lovely sound I heard

     On this sunny day of spring.


The waste collection folk arrived:

       Oh!  What a dreadful din!

Clatter and bang, clatter and bang

      As our rubbish all went in.


The little birds, of course, heard this

     And quickly fled away.

They’d not compete with dustbin din

     Upon this lovely day.      


But once our road was quiet again,

    Their voices could be heard,

And who on earth would shut their ears

     To the singing of a bird?

Copyright on all my poems

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