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Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Child on Smartphone


By Josie Whitehead

Sorry, I'm Busy

'Busy' eats into your day,

     Like teeth eat a cream bun.

'Busy' moves the clock hands on

     When you’re having fun.


'Busy' is a good excuse

     For doing nothing more,

Especially if you’re asked to do

     A really awful chore.


Busy doing nothing?  Ah!

     Well I’ve tried that one too,

But I wasn’t much too busy n

     When I wrote this poem for you.

Copyright on all my poems

NOTE:  Sometimes you really are busy with something which is important.  However, sometimes you say 'I'm busy' because you just don't want to help with something/do something.  It can be because it doesn't interest you, or because you know it is wrong to do it - - or for lots of reasons.  If the reason is that you are just lazy, or don't want to be taken away from something that interests you more, remember that perhaps there will be a time when you will need someone to help you and there is the motto: 'One good turn deserves another.'  So being helpful to others can also bring help to you when you really need it.  Think about when you have said this and discuss it in your groups.  What have you done for others lately?  Josie 

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