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Easter Story Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Special Easter Egg (A)

I dreamt about an Easter egg,
    In fact, a special one.
It had a face, and hands and feet 
   And, oh, it was such fun!

It danced around upon my bed;
   Then played upon the floor.
I followed as he went downstairs 
   And out through my front door.

He tried to cross the busy road
    But I grabbed him by the arm
For I didn’t want my special egg
    To come to any harm.

'Take me home and open me,'
   His little voice then cried.
'And you will find a special gift
     Awaiting you inside.'

I took him home and gently laid
  The egg upon a dish.
I carefully pulled it open wide
   And there I found  . . . . .  a wish.

I’ll tell you what I wished for 
   And I hope that it comes true:
That you will have, the same as me,
    A happy Easter too.

Copyright on all my poems



Written in iambic heptameter, ie 7 iambic feet over 2 lines:  i AM i AM i AM etc.  Where are  they?  That YOU will HAVE, the SAME as ME, a HAPpy EASter TOO.  Look for more.  Josie

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