Easter Story Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Special Easter Egg (A)

I dreamt about an Easter egg,
    In fact, a special one.
It had a face, and hands and feet 
   And, oh, it was such fun!

It danced around upon my bed;
   Then played upon the floor.
I followed as he went downstairs 
   And out through my front door.

He tried to cross the busy road
    But I grabbed him by the arm
For I didn’t want my special egg
    To come to any harm.

'Take me home and open me,'
   His little voice then cried.
'And you will find a special gift
     Awaiting you inside.'

I took him home and gently laid
  The egg upon a dish.
I carefully pulled it open wide
   And there I found  . . . . .  a wish.

I’ll tell you what I wished for 
   And I hope that it comes true:
That you will have, the same as me,
    A happy Easter too.

Copyright on all my poems



Written in iambic heptameter, ie 7 iambic feet over 2 lines:  i AM i AM i AM etc.  Where are  they?  That YOU will HAVE, the SAME as ME, a HAPpy EASter TOO.  Look for more.  

This poem was chosen by teachers and children in many schools of West Yorkshire and was published as one of 400 poems in 2010.  You may have it in your school - or library - and certainly you have it here.